Monday, 27 July 2009

It's an absoluct privilage to have the international living legend, Ian White and His label getting behind my music, His music has stood for years and can bring across the most needed message ever no matter what the mood is, he always seems to have a song for it, Check out his site and Download albums or even individual tracks at -

Friday, 24 July 2009

adam @ clan
Adam and Ian @ Clan

Clan Gathering last night, Thanks for the support !

Loved being up there !!! thank you so much for your enthusiasm about the music!! you are all very supportive, big shout out to everyone @ St. Andrews.. Again, the Album is being recorded from the 20th of August! DO NOT HESITATE to e-mail and book me for concerts!!! I love playing and will squeeze it in the diary, no matter how big or small the gig is!

There is talk of concerts coming up in Birmingham now towards November this year the dates are in the process of being confirmed. Aberdeen is also in the process of being organised so get booking fast, we would love to stop by and have a great night with you no matter where you are !!!! Thank you also to Ian for your incredible support, Had a great time with you, looking forward to the future Love and Blessings from me, Fiona and Mummy!!! lol

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Hi everyone! Adam will be performing 3 of his songs at this years Clan Gathering music festival in St. Andrews, all thanks to Ian White !!!  Tickets are available at the Clan Gathering website. SEE YOU THERE !!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Would love to hear some responses and feed back from you all !!! If you also become a blogger you can follow Adam's blogs and leave comments or alternatively you can e-mail us at the above address and we will post your comments ! Simples :)

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Helensburgh, New Hope Church Sun 12th July (phone recorded by a good fan)

lol Candles !!, added a nice vibe to the little make shift set!! Last minute gig, Shout out to Jackie, Lorraine, Danielle and all the crew out there ! lovely little crowd! Thank you all for being so receptive and dedicated to following the music.